Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Contest Account

Here is my contest account.  At this point, it is psychologically better for me to just assume the account is just wiped out by the PFGBest theft (what was left of it, anyway!).

If and when I have a check in my hands, or a new account with the PFGBest balance, I'll assume this account is $0.


  1. Not the ending I had envisioned a few months ago. Good job on the news interview though.

  2. Not the ending I envisioned either!

    Putting aside the PFG issue for a second, I hope people, especially new traders, realize just how difficult trading really is.

    2009-11 I averaged over 45% annual rate of return. YET, I still lost 50% of my original account balance with this strategy.

    Trading is TOUGH.

    By the way, I will continue this blog. I am still figuring out the best material to put forth.

  3. "Trading is TOUGH." sentiments exactly! Having tasted consistent profitability years ago, I've been playing catch-up ever since. Seeing what is achievable over the *Long* term, and seeing that it's relatively small (hence the term "edge" and not "surface"lol) helps people like me keep their expectations in check. Now my 270+ trade forward-test result (roughly 0.05 expectancy) doesn't seem so bad after all :)

    So that's my long-winded way of saying thanks for keeping it real and honest.


  4. Hard Luck Kevin
    But I must assume that Robbins was aware what was happening at PFG... they were fined $700,000 and banned from taking new IB monies for 2 years , which would kill any broker
    Why didn't he move his clients monies to a different FCM?
    Why ?

  5. My Account is also at Robbins Futures .... any idea what is happening ? I can't get a straight answer ... I understand he is going out of business ? Please help

  6. Anon 1 - I doubt Robbins knew. They would not risk their company like that. I know many of the people there, and there are pretty honest and decent.

    Anon 2 - The only info I fully believe will come from NFA, CFTC or PFG itself. Everything else is speculation. I am waiting to hear info just like you.

  7. Hey Market Monkey - Thanks!

    I think one "edge" is just staying in the game. Many people tend to freak out during long drawdowns, and invariably do something stupid - which many times blows out there account.

  8. Kevin, I'd like to see a review.. what went right, what went wrong, etc. Also what you plan to do with this strategy, will you monitor it for recovery or throw it away? Do you have any ideas why the performance you expected was different from the performance you attained?

  9. Good idea "7:08 PM Anonymous" !

    I probably will do this soon. Right now, I am continuing to trade that system in another account, at a non-cheating broker.

  10. "at a non-cheating broker"

    at least as far as you know at this point!

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