Thursday, December 13, 2012

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

We have a winner in our Trading Platform Survey.  E-mail address ny11*** was the winner of a copy of my Congress ES Trading System.  Congratulations to him or her, and thanks to everyone who contributed.

Here are the results, of approximately 150 surveys:

What trading platform do you use?

I was surprised that 7% use no software at all! Pencil and paper folk?

About 55% of platform users described themselves as being at a beginner or intermediate proficiency level, and 45% were advanced or expert.

51% of respondents have not bought any type of indicator or trading system in the past year.  A Do-It-Yourself crowd!!

For the 49% who had bought a system/indicator, vendor reputation was far and away the most important criteria.

Not surprisingly, most (>70%) system/indicator buyers thought it was "extremely important" that the package they buy be in their platform language.

Finally, 85% of people were neutral to very satisfied with what they purchased.  Only 15% of people were dissatisfied.

THANKS again for participating!


I am honored that my blog, "A Robot Trader Becomes Human," has been nominated as "Best Trading Blog of 2012" by the good folks at

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A Robot Trader Becomes Human


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